I Need a Remedy for Thinning Hair!!!

My hair is falling out, more and more every day until it is getting alarmingly thin and straggly. I need to find something which will help me regrow hair quickly and stop the thinning hair blues. Is there a good remedy available for this?

We all want to have beautiful healthy hair that is manageable and improves our overall appearance. However, all of us experience hair loss to some extent throughout our lives. Usually, we are growing new hair at about the same rate as we lose it, so it is not so noticeable. But when we lose so much so quickly, the new hair growth doesn’t keep up with it. Also, hair grows in cycles. Some of us have a longer growth cycle than others, so hair grows faster

To stop the hair loss, first determine why it is occurring, and work on a solution from that view point. Get a check-up and rule out any health problems. Then look at your diet and decide if nutritional deficiencies exist; if so get yourself on a healthy diet and take a daily vitamin/mineral supplement to fill in the blanks

Try ingesting Saw Palmetto pills to reduce your production of DHT (a hormone which tends to close up the hair follicles until they can’t grow hair anymore). Saw Palmetto is believed to be effective in doing this.</p> <p>Begin scalp massage twice a week using quality hair oil (try Nara hair oil). These oils can stimulate the scalp to begin growing hair again by unclogging the pores. They also help increase blood flow to the scalp-this helps hair grow faster

If these tips don’t work fast enough for you, you can make use of hair extensions to make your hair look fuller while you are waiting. This is not a permanent solution of course, but it will make you feel better about yourself in the meanwhile

learn more about DHT and how it can cause hair loss

I Have Androgenetic Alopecia Caused by High DHT Can Anything Be Done About It?

I have been told so many things to do and so many remedies that I can’t even remember them anymore. It’s crazy – everyone seems to have a cure, but nothing works for me. I have been told to stop caffeine, try green tea, eat shell fish, take zinc and saw palmetto pills, eat soy, and to use oils like Rosemary, Jojoba and Lavender. I am still a young man and don’t want this hair loss to continue until I’m bald. Is there anyway to lower my DHT production?

want to promote hair growth? well i will show you but Wow! Sounds like you have run the gamut and are at your wits end; no wonder you are frustrated. The truth is everyone is different. It sounds like you are spending so much time and stressing so much over this that you are likely to make it worse. Have you tried any of the websites which have complete programs for stopping hair loss and helping to regrow hair? Some of them are very good and one of them is bound to have a program to fit your needs. I have heard some testimonials from satisfied customers on one site promoting Nara hair oil which sound promising.

I have also heard that Saw Palmetto is effective in stopping the production of DHT. The way DHT works is to shrink the pores of the scalp so that hair cannot grow. So even if you can’t stop DHT production completely, you can still unclog and stimulate the pores so hair can grow again.

This can best be accomplished by use of an invigorating essential oil mixture to massage the scalp and open the pores so the hair follicle will produce hair. The oils you mentioned are all good but a combination of those plus many others produce a really powerful stimulating effect on the scalp

So bottom line is, there is a kernel of truth in most of the remedies you mentioned. The trick is to find the right combination and you will be successful in stopping your hair loss and begin hair regrowth Again, your best bet is to go online to one of the sites which have already put the right combination for your needs. this is how to get faster hair growth and it is also how to make your hair grow faster

Grow Hair Out With These

It is a proven fact that Ayurvedic traditional medicines such as Hibiscus, eclipta alba , aloe vera , Bhingaraj oil and coconut oil orĀ  brahmi oil can help stop hair fall and also have been proven to stop hair loss due to thyroid conditions. they have also been shown to regrow hair and these herbs when used in an oil and used on your scalp regularly for a few months will aid hair growth. The best one to use is Mira Hair oil; it has all the arjuvedic herbs needed to encourage the Growth of hair. The speed of hair growth can also be helped by using arjuvedic supplements amla and ashwagandha all taken in pill form

Don’t Despair over Your Hair Loss!

Alopecia or baldness is extreme hair loss which can have a crushing effect on the ego of people suffering from it. And it is not just an image issue – it can be traumatic and the sufferers self image can be damaged but in addition it can be an indication of underlying medical issues which are far more damaging

Herbs and essential oils have been used for centuries to encourage hair growth and is a basic tenet of ancient Ayurvedic medicine which is still practiced today in India and indeed to some extent all over the world. Even though modern medicine scoffs at these practices, some of them actually do work in ways we don’t understand

>Essential oils stimulate the scalp which encourages new hair growth. Rosemary oil is a circulatory aid; both of these are used in hair oils thought to aid in stopping hair loss and helping to jump start new hair growth

Herbs thought to be helpful in the treatment of Alopecia include Bay Rum, Black Seed, Ginko Biloba, Muira Pauma and Saw Palmetto. The essential oils of all these herbs are blended to create soothing and at the same time stimulating oils for scalp massages and hair treatments. Since many exotic ingredients are not readily available alone, many folks search online for baldness treatments containing as many of these as possible. One oil I recommend is Nara Hair Oil which has given great resultsBut the bottom line that even though herbs can be helpful for scalp stimulation and under many circumstances can promote new hair growth, there is no actual “cure” for male pattern baldness. However, the good news is that all bald spots, thinning hair and hair loss are not caused by Alopecia, but rather the underlying health issues I spoke of earlier

A good diet of healthy foods, a good vitamin/mineral supplement, and the use of hair growth stimulating hair oils like Nara can help you to grow hair back so don’t be hesitant to give them a try This is how to make your hair grow faster

how to make hair grow faster

make hair grow faster

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!

If your beautiful hair is thinning and you are afraid you are losing the battle against baldness, then you need to take action today to stop your hair loss. Just to be clear, sometimes stopping hair loss is not possible – that all depends on the cause of the loss. But until you know for sure there is no hope, you can’t just sit and do nothing so read on for some starting points.

First, of course, determine whether the cause is due to a medical issue like thyroid. A simple hair or blood test by your doctor can spot these issues as well as nutritional deficiencies which are all “fixable”. So get that done, and if necessary take the pills to correct the condition. It’s also good to take hair vitamins to make sure you are taking in all the nutrients needed to grow hair. Also, take Saw Palmetto Pills which will help kill off DHT (a hormone which your body produces naturally – sometimes overproduction of this hormone causes hair follicles to close up and won’t allow hair to grow.)</p> <p>Scalp massage is highly recommended; you will need a quality hair oil (like Mira) to use; daily or even weekly scalp massage with a stimulating oil can cleanse the scalp of any toxic and chemical residue left by grooming products and open any clogged pores. Clogged pores are responsible for many hair loss problems. The massaging oil will rejuvenate the hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth. The rejuvenating oil can be purchased at most East Indian Stores or online if this is more convenient. </p> <p>To begin, get yourself a good hair trim to get rid of any split ends or damaged hair. Then begin using herbal shampoo (nothing with any chemicals in it at all), herbal conditioners, get rid of heat producing grooming tools like flat irons, stop getting chemical hair dyes and permanents, and protect your hair from the elements when going outside. By doing these things and beginning the scalp massages to increase blood flow, you will be well on your way to reducing your hair loss and growing beautiful, strong, healthy hair once again. This is what you need to do to help yourself grow hair out